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March 2007

Frontier Forts of the American Revolution

During the American Revolution - 1776-1783 - frontier forts played an important role. They were a place where colonists could take refuge from British soldiers or hostile Native American patrols. Forts also protected important roads, rivers, or materials needed in the fighting.

February 2007

A Colonial Family and Community

Be a history detective. Go back in time and investigate the daily lives of the Daggetts, a colonial family from northeastern Connecticut. Collect clues to uncover answers to 7 questions about colonial life in the 1700s. Then prove your skills as a history detective by discovering "What's wrong with this picture?"

October 2006

Colonial Williamsburg Video

Electronic Field Trips From Colonial Williamsburg highlighting life in colonial America

May 2006

Revolutionary War with Battle Map and Activities

Causes, Effects, and Important People of the Revolutionary War. Interactive Battle Map, Integrated reading activities, and timeline.

April 2006

The American Revolution - The Making of America and Her Independence

The Complete History of the American Revolution and the Revolutionary War. The History of America's Patriots, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John P. Lots of resources for the American Revolution

The Star-Bangled Banner

Learn about the birth of our flag, how it is preserved, and try the You Solve the Mystery activity to answer the following questions:Who made the flag?;Was the Flag altered?Is there battle damage?;

Midnight Rider Virtual Museum

The Midnight Rider Virtual Museum is designed to be visited in order, beginning with Hall One. This will build your knowledge of Paul Revere and his Midnight Ride step by step.

A Hotlist on SS: REPORTS

In addition to using books and magazines to find out about SS: REPORTS, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.

A Hotlist on Revolutionary War

The purpose of this web site is to give sampling of some of the events in the history of the Revolutionary War.In addition to using the traditional methods of having students learn history, this will provide more individualized way to find out about the Revolutionary War. The links below will get you started.

LIBERTY! . Chronicle of the Revolution | PBS

Read all about it! These newspaper Chronicles let you experience first-hand the excitement and uncertainty of the American Revolution as it happened. Click on a city to read about the riveting historical headlines that shaped the war and America.

January 2006