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03 October 2007 10:15

Native American RhymesBookstore

Welcome to the Native American Rhymes bookstore. Here you will find FREE eBooks that you can download and save on your computer as well as have the ability to print.

29 September 2007 11:00

Scholastic Explorers: Native American Cultures

Native American cultures inclusing Anasazi and Pueblo Indians

22 March 2007 13:30

Native Americans and the Horse

When we see pictures of Native Americans riding astride their horses its hard to imagine that it wasn't always this way. The horse lived in North America during prehistoric times, but became extinct there. It wasn't until European explorers, particularly the Spanish in the 16 th and 17 th centuries that the horse again was found in North America

22 March 2007 13:15

18 February 2007 19:00