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Search for Your Favorite Animals -- National Geographic Kids

Search by animal category or habitat. Each Creature feature has a page of facts and photos, video and sound, map, e-card and printing features

Animal Habitats

Choose a habitat. Then click and drag the animals to the habitat When you are finished, take the quiz:


Habitats and Enviroment

This excellent resource simulates what happens to a rabbit poulation by varying temperature, water and food. Follow up with adding a predator to the environment.

Humans and Animal Habitats

Interactive activity to answer questions and learn about different habitats. Has audio and print information. Good supplement to Habitat Unit.

BBC School: Science Clips: Gr 3-4

Science Games Directions: Click on the game button then click on the full screen button for the best view.

All About Animals

A new pictorial database for K-3 pupils. Explore the interactive program and download images and fact files. Reading Level approximately 2-3