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First Americans, Native American Indian Studies for Grade Schoolers.

Learn about the Dine, Muscogee, Tlingit, Lakota, and Iroquois Tribes. The first 3 sections seem the most useful.

USD497 Technology | Bookmark Directory

I found many native american resources using this school's bookmark database. Use the advanced seach button and the key words "native" or "native american". There are tons of other teacher selected links in other subject areas as well.

The Study of Native Americans

A unit designed by teachers for second grade. Teaching ideas included.

Surrounded by Beauty: Arts of Native America

Although the text may be too sophisticated for younger students, clicking on the map will bring up some beautiful images of artistic creations from the region.

Native American Foods -- Recipes

Different recipes representing native american traditions

PBS - THE WEST - People Index

Index of notable historical figures. This site is useful for teachers to develop background information

National Museum of the American Indian

Online Exhibits. This is a resource for teachers. Most exhibits are above grade 3 level except ALL ROADS ARE GOOD. This is an interactive exhibit of the museum designed as a map. Clicking on various gallery items will bring up the object and student explanation.

Sipapu--Chetro Ketl Great Kiva

Interactive exhibit, could be used whole class with a projector. Please try before using with the class to be sure you have the necessary browser plugins.

Tracking the Buffalo

This activity explores the role of the buffalo in the lives of the American Indians of the northern plains. For centuries, the American bison--commonly called the buffalo--has been revered by various Native American peoples. The buffalo still plays a central role in many American Indian cultures. Stories passed from generation to generation--by spoken word and by pictures painted on animal hides--record the history of American Indians and the buffalo. Ages 10 and up.

Native American Home Page

Learn about 4 different tribes from different regions

Learn About Native Americans

Many different Native American groups lived in North America. Different groups living in the same region shared the same culture because the land they lived on shaped their way of life. Click on an area of the map to learn about life in that region.