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March 2007

Priestsic6 Classroom Blog

Primary school blog that touches on all subjects....

November 2006

Blogical Minds

This is a blog created to explore what happens when 5th graders blog and converse about literacies in class and beyond.

Blogging: It's Elementary!: Teacher Introduction

This webquest is designed to introduce elementary students to blogging. Its intention is to get teachers and students thinking about using blogging to develop literacies in the elementary school. The goal is to use blogs to engage students in thinking and blogging about their learning and what it means to them. Topics for the blogging posts will be pulled from the classroom curriculum. A focus on the Six Traits of Writing and Blooms Taxonomy will be used as students blog/write to learn and apply what they are studying in their class curriculum. Although written for elentary school students, the content could easily be adapted for middle school.

adavis / Guidelines and Responsibilities

There are many resources on the web addressing the issues of guidelines and responsibilities while blogging in education. According to Anne Davis, one of the very best is the AHS Blogging Policy developed for the use of weblogs at Arapahoe High School.

Grade 5 Class Blog

Firth grade class blog for all subjects

The Write Weblog

Another example where the qualities of writing are explicitly discussed and the sole purpose of the student blogs is to improve this skill.

k12 Online Conference » Blog Archive » Week in the Classroom”Second Nature-Extending dialogue in the blogosphere”

This site corresponds to the BLOG WRITE link It’s second nature for us and our students to engage others in dialogue f2f. Commenting has great potential for extending learning and deepening understanding through meaningful dialogue in the blogosphere. Through an examination of powerful and significant comments, and exploration of suggestions for nurturing and guiding comments, meaningful online dialogue can become second nature to us and our students too.

Blog Write

This blog is interesting as the teacher explicitly discusses the six traits of writing when composing blog posts. She gives guidelines for making comments as well. Take a look at the students' own blogs with their posts on this topic. Take Derrick' Documents (left column) for example. He has a great post where he links each of the six traits to a classmate's blog as an exemplary user of the trait. Check it out! P.S. OHMYGOODNESS...thought this was a high school blog! These are 5th graders!

October 2006

Mighty Writers Grade 3

Classroom blog with example of each student having their own blog! The 2005-2006 blog is here:

Mrs Watt's Second Grade : Literary Gallery

Classroom blog with a variety of engaging prompts and project showcase.

Mrs Watt's Fourth Grade

Classroom blog with a variety of engaging prompts and project showcase.