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October 2008


Brief interative on electrical circuits

June 2008

Motion and Forces

interactives >Teachers need to preview to determine grade level appropriate nteractives.

K-6 Science

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill science editions online with animated and audio content.

Human Body Systems

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill resource for gr 5 unit on Human Body Systems. Animations and audio. Great for DI

Learning Circuits

Interactive activities about electricity and circuits for use with individual, small group, or on the smartboard for the whole class.

May 2008

NASA - Star Fall

Players learn that they can determine a star's relative temperature by its color. Students will collect groups of stars to earn points and develop problem-solving skills, as they determine how to gain the most points.

Planet Size Comparison

What a great tool to see how the sun and planets compare in size. Try it, it's easy: In the first box choose "Sun". In the second box, choose "Mercury". Next, click the word "compare" located between the two boxes. Try different variations.

March 2008

BAM! Body and Mind |

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From the CDC, a great interactive site for health topics: diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, your safety, your life, your body. Resources for teachers here as well.

December 2007

Launchball Educators’ guide

Info and resources for the Launchball site

Science Museum - Launchball

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Slide, bounce, and spring your way through 30 obstacle filled levels using your creative problem solving skills. Need to register to save progress. Complete the training games first!

November 2007

Welcome to BugGuide.Net! - BugGuide.Net

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We are an online community of naturalists who enjoy learning about and sharing our observations of insects, spiders, and other related creatures. Includes clicable guide, taxonomy, images, and indo

Search for Your Favorite Animals -- National Geographic Kids

Search by animal category or habitat. Each Creature feature has a page of facts and photos, video and sound, map, e-card and printing features

Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition

Grade 3 activities: Line 'Em Up! Three levels of play

October 2007

Primary Resources:The Earth and Beyond

Activities and teaching materials in Flash,PowerPoints, Docs,or PDF

coolfood kidz

Interactive site about food and food choices

Life Science Connections - Human Body Adventure

Engaging site designed by a middle school teacher for grade 7 life science, but content can be used for 5th grade unit because of the way the information is presented in bulleted format with graphics. If students have trouble using the naviagation menu, use the site map:

Solar System Quiz: Locating Specific Information

Use this site to practice locating explicit information in passages about the sun and planets in our solar system.


You are in a spaceship leaving Earth to explore the Universe! How fast do you want to travel? Enter the rate of travel and see how long it will take to visit different places!

The Balanced Plate

Learn about balancing the food groups then try sorting foods.

Planet 10

Fascinating virtual solar system explorer and world builder. Teaching resources available at the bottom of this page:

Earth, Moon and Sun - An Interactive Learning Experience

Another great interactive for students with good reading skills and ability to follow directions. Starts with an arcade game but the remainder is content rich.

Coxhoe Science

great list of interactive resources

Days Of Wonder.....Heart & Circulation

KS2 Living Things – Heart & Circulation Dr. Flopadom is retiring and he needs someone to take over his job. Enter Days Of Wonder and become an expert on the heart and circulation.