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September 2007

Global Trek: Virtual Travel Around the World

Book your flight and travel to the country of your choice. Start a journal (password protected) and add entries for the selected topics. Print your journal when done or return at another time by revisiting the country. Great for Foreign Language and Culture classes.


The study of a foreign language becomes that much richer when authentic food and cultural are introduced. Enrich a Spanish foreign language class with this site that offers authentic Mexican recipes for main courses, vegetables, and desserts. Easy to follow, illustrated instructions are provided in English or Spanish. The site also features recipes for regional dishes and a helpful glossary of culinary terms, but these are available only in Spanish.

July 2007


MyPlace is a comprehensive exploration of our current world. It encourages students to find their place today and where they want to be tomorrow. Students will engage in a year-long exploration that seeks to help them find their place in this changing world. We hope that they can make inspired choices about how to use their school years as well as venture into their adult lives with confidence and enthusiasm. For additional information and background, see: * Paths for Teachers * About the Teachers’ Place * CEQALL

Google Earth Outreach - Showcase

Google Earth Outreach Showcase Many public-minded groups and individuals are using Google Earth to bring a valuable geographic context to their stories. These examples will show you what others have done with Earth, and hopefully get some ideas flowing for what you might be able to do yourself.

January 2007

Surrounded by Beauty: Arts of Native America

Although the text may be too sophisticated for younger students, clicking on the map will bring up some beautiful images of artistic creations from the region.

December 2006

GeoBeats - Guided video tours of your next international destination

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GeoBeats is website where anyone can watch free short videos on international destinations that highlight history, culture, shopping, food, nightlife, lifestyle, and other aspects of interest to travelers. The content in the videos is well researched which means you will get consistent quality and reliability across our videos. Also, the videos have a "down to earth" feel as opposed to a heavy commercial angle. At the same time, they are created by professional filmmakers and feature interesting hosts who add a unique and personal flavor. GeoBeats is seeking filmakers to cover destinations around the world. Videos can be embedded in your website via javascript.