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Send a Tourism Saskatchewan ePostcard

e-Postcards from Saskatchewan. Click a category to begin.

::: Nunavut - Canada´s Arctic :::

Photo gallery: adventure, culture, landscapes, animals Information about the regions

Newfoundland and Labrador Photo Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but here in Newfoundland and Labrador a thousand words would not do justice to the awe inspiring sights to be seen. Choose an album below and click through the photos we’ve compiled for you to explore.

Nova Scotia Phototour

Acadian Culture - view photos Cuisine - view photos Experience fall - view photos Halloween - view photos History & Heritage - view photos Music - view photos Outdoors - view photos Seacoast - view photos Urban - view photos


Grade 5 - Social Studies - Multi-Q Canada - Question & Answer Review Game Designed for “Canada”. Jeopardy-style Game PowerPoint presentation. Open the link to play the quiz or right click on the link to save the presentation on your computer for any modifications you wish to make.

Travel Canda WebQuest

Have you ever thought about taking a trip across Canada? Well, here is your chance! You and a group of classmates will be part of a team that collects information for making maps in order to prepare a magazine article for the Canadian Geographic. You will also prepare a tourist guide for a province or territory that your team finds particularly interesting.


Canada: Northern Research Portal: For Kids

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This website contains information about the northern countries. On this site, you can be a detective, looking at images and writing about and by people of the North to try to discover the story they tell. Or, you can look at exhibits, where other people have told one story based on the same information. But is there only one story to tell? You decide!


Nicely organized list of links for students researching Canada.

Get 2 Know Canada

An educational resource for students and teachers researching Canada

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Click the Junior version when you search this encyclopedia. The search results show junior entries for the provinces - Canada

Click on the interactive map to read information on Canada Provinces, Landmarks, Landforms, and Cities. The scavenger hunt link does not seem to work.

Welcome to K-12 STUDY CANADA!

Students can use the following links to research projects on Canada and have fun using their knowledge of Canada. Teachers will find interesting activities for classroom use as well.


Image Trails - Canadian culture

Image Trails are pre-selected searches on a particular topic or theme, which yield between 50 and 150 images.

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