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17 October 2007


You are in a spaceship leaving Earth to explore the Universe! How fast do you want to travel? Enter the rate of travel and see how long it will take to visit different places!

14 October 2007

Your Weight On Other Worlds

Use this calculator to figure out your weight on the other planets

29 September 2007

Build a Solar System

Make a scale model of the Solar System and learn the REAL definition of "space." Enter how big you want to the sun to be in your model (in inches). Press calculate to see how to scale. Here is an example:If you build your solar system on a roll of toilet paper, you can make the Sun about .4 inches (10 mm) across and still fit the entire solar system on the roll. A standard roll of toilet paper has about 450 sheets that are about 4.375 inches long, hence the roll is about 164 feet long. You should check your toilet paper for length. Some are longer.

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