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28 October 2005 10:15

Addition Surprise

Practice addition facts by dragging sums to the correct spot on the chart. See if you can reveal the whole picture puzzle. Could be a whole class activity

28 October 2005 08:30

Fairy House: Add 9

The fairy wants to get into the houses, collect the keys by adding 9 to the number on the door. Do this by adding 10 and taking away 1.

Whack a Fuzzy

Click on two fuzzies that add up to 10.

28 October 2005 08:15

Funky Mummy 2

Addition Facts to 40. Multiple choice format. Get 10 correct to write your name in heiroglyphics.

28 October 2005 08:00

Space Jumps

Complete these addition facts by first making 10 then adding the difference. Students will need instruction to understand the game. Good for mental arithmetic

22 October 2005 11:45

Flash Math: Follow the Rules

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You must follow the rules to get through the maze. Choose easy, medium, hard. Improve your mental math addition and subtraction problem-solving with this game! Demonstrate with projector for whole class in lower grades.

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