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Tahiti Island

Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of the French Polynesia, located in the archipelago of Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.


The royal palace, which is in the center of the city of Belgrade, is in two parts and disconnected. The city of Belgrade lies upon a narrow, elevated peninsula between the River Save and the Danube.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia occupies the central portion of the Arabian Peninsula bounded by the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The vast bulk of the country is a desert incapable of cultivation and, except for oil and small deposits of gold, almost devoid of natural resources.


Country Iraq. Chief cities: Baghdad (capital), Mosul, Basra.


Country Honduras is a republic of Central America. Principal cities: Tegucigalpa (capital), San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Tela.


Country Herzegovina. The Hercegovina belongs to the watershed of the Adriatic, and consists throughout of mountains of barren limestone, Karst as it is called, cleft by a succession of colossal ravines, with here and there an upland valley, or Blato, which in winter and spring forms a lake, but in summer, owing to the drainage of the water through the fissures in the limestone, is converted into a luxuriant, though not very healthy, pasture.

Hawaii Islands

State of Hawaii is a territory of the United States consisting of some 20 islands, 8 of which are inhabited, in the North Pacific Ocean about 2,091 miles from San Francisco, Calif. The principal islands of the group are: Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai.

Republic of Guatemala

Republic of Guatemala is the third largest republic of Central America. Principal cities: Guatemala City, Escuintla, Quezaltenango, Coban, Totonicapan.

Crete Island

The island Crete ceased at once to be the gateway for commerce between Egypt and the European ports of the Adriatic, the Gulf of Salonica, and the Black Sea. The island is becoming known at all is due in the main to archaeologists and the Cretan Question.

Costa Rica Island

Chief towns (1949 est.): San Jose, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Liberia ( Guana-caste), Puntarenas, Limon. The country Costa Rica is composed of 3 natural regions: the Atlantic coastal plain, the central mountain range, and the Pacific slope.

Corsica Island

Corsica, the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, is a short range of mountains thrown up abruptly in that angle of the historic sea formed by France on the north and Italy on the west. Main towns (Corsican names): Ajaccio (Aiacciu), Bastia (Bastia), Corte (Corti), Sartène (Sartè),

Island Corfu

Tours and rest in Adriatic. Corfu is the island in the chain of Ionian Islands in the Ionian Sea.


Country Bosnia. Bosnia and Herzegovina were a part of the Turkish Empire. Bosnia and Herzegovina are situated in the northwest corner of the Balkan Peninsula. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, a city of 60,000 inhabitants, almost in the geographical center of the country,

Bermudas Islands

Bermudas Islands spots: Harrington Sound and Fairy-land. Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, is a charming little town. The islands, in a direct line, are but fifteen miles in length, and never over two miles broad.