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November 2007

Majorca Island

Majorca is the largest island of Spain. Majorca is a stepping-stone between Europe and Africa, where the East and West — rather than the north and south of her geographical position.

August 2007

Hotel Admiral Greig

Hotel "Admiral Greig" in the entertaining complex "Storm" has six rooms with unique V.I.P. design.

July 2007

Playing well-known games by the time of the beginning of the 20th century. Games in 1900.

The detail description of games existing up to 1900. Different kinds of games. Rules of the games and history of their beginnings.

June 2007

Beautiful pond with different kinds of fish in Varjushino. Nikolaevskaya oblast.

Beautiful pond with different kinds of fish (karp, amur) near village Varjushino. It is located on the wright bank of the river Juzhny Bug in the mouth of the river Chichekleya. Nikolaevskaya oblast.

May 2007

Ukraine in 1965 in figures.

History & analitics of Ukrainian Republic in 1965.

Bukovina in Ukraine.

The history and real life of Bukovina, the beautiful Ukrainian land.

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