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August 2008

Car insurance for business.

Learn the value of insurance for car among other auto insurance polices and auto insurance quotes (USA 1922).

May 2008


Story of the Automobile: Its History and Development From 1760 to 1917.


Locomobile models for 1912 are the result of thirteen years' experience in making motor cars.

March 2008

February 2008

November 2007


The royal palace, which is in the center of the city of Belgrade, is in two parts and disconnected. The city of Belgrade lies upon a narrow, elevated peninsula between the River Save and the Danube.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia occupies the central portion of the Arabian Peninsula bounded by the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The vast bulk of the country is a desert incapable of cultivation and, except for oil and small deposits of gold, almost devoid of natural resources.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the easternmost island of the Greater Antilles. In 1887 the popular discontent found expression in a political agitation, at the head of which was the famous Porto Rican leader, Baldorioty de Castro.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a British self-governing dominion in the South Pacific Ocean, consisting mainly of two large islands (North and South Islands)

Mauritius Island

Capital of Mauritius is Port Louis in the Indian Ocean.

Island of Martinique

Martinique is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. St. Pierre is the commercial capital of Martinique, one of the French West Indies, and the largest of the group belonging to that nation. Fort de France is the political capital, situated about thirty miles from St. Pierre.

Majorca Island

Majorca is the largest island of Spain. Majorca is a stepping-stone between Europe and Africa, where the East and West — rather than the north and south of her geographical position.