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September 2008

Fixing Car Accident Claims Values

The car accident claim consists of three elements: Facts, law, and damages. It has been our purpose to indicate the proper method of dealing with these elements.

August 2008

Car insurance for business.

Learn the value of insurance for car among other auto insurance polices and auto insurance quotes (USA 1922).

May 2008


Story of the Automobile: Its History and Development From 1760 to 1917.


Motorsport: Automobile racing and Motorcycle racing. Racing Car Drivers.


Locomobile models for 1912 are the result of thirteen years' experience in making motor cars.

April 2008

Green Cars

Green Cars: marketing dilemma of selling Green Cars or standard models. Green movement. Worldwide production of green vehicles.

Electric cars

Auto Makers See Promise in Fuel Cells. Electric cars were designed to be powered by electricity.

March 2008

February 2008

September 2007

Automobile industry

The book about American automobile industry in 1930.

The History of Automobile Industry till 1941.

The history of the automobile industry from the horseless carriage days of 1900 to the streamlined model of 1940.

August 2007

Autorenta in Nikolaev

Autoes «Opel Astra», «Toyota Camry» и «Chevrolet Lacetti» for rent in Nikolaev (Ukraine).

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