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07 March 2006

01 March 2006 - MLB - Bonds impersonates Abdul�for�'Giants Idol' - Tuesday February 28, 2006 8:01PM

The star of the San Francisco Giants cross-dresses for a local charity.

27 February 2006

C Tutorial

A C programming tutorial, with new lessons posted every couple of days.

UK gender pay gap 'worst in EU'

I'm curious to see what these figures would look like in the US. Or if there is a reason for it, maybe women work lower paying jobs, and it's not that hey get paid less, or perhaps, feminists haven't gotten as far as they had hoped in the last 100 years.

Body Snatchers: A Grim Trade in Stolen Tissue

Well if I were dead I'm not sure I would care, but since I'm alive, I'm glad this guy was caught for stealing bodies. You would think in this modern day there would be defenses against this sort of thing. But 7,000$ sure is a lot of money for some dead cells.

BBC NEWS | Health | Prematurity 'affects personality'

Nature or nuture? Who would have thought something so early in a person's life could effect them

25 February 2006

Schools Where the Only Real Test Is Basketball - New York Times

A look at basketball player's private high schools, some of the problems of the system and how it's growing.

The Stingy Scholar

A blogging of various education sites, and other learning materials most of which are free.

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