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jQuery annotate plugin can add full HTML annotations to HTML5 video or audio elements

YouTube - Graffiti Pigalle IMF CREW

La dernière grosse prod graffiti des IMF


DJ Food & DK present - Now, Look & Listen on Vimeo

Months were spent creating videos for each piece of music, either using the original source material or, in most cases sampling footage to create a new video entirely. Described as 'Video Turntablism', it has become a way for Food & DK to visualize their already legendary DJ sets. | In-Depth Tracking, Analytics for Online Video | Web Video Syndication

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TubeMogul is the first online video analytics and distribution company serving publishers large and small who need independent information about video performance on the Internet and automated upload to the Web's top video sharing sites.


Splicd · Get Straight To The Point

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link to specific frame on the youtube video timeline

Cut Chemist - 1st Big Break on Vimeo

The first music video ever shot with a 360 degree panoramic lens. A tripped out journey into the track "My 1st Big Break"

Streamer vos vidéo et audio en direct depuis votre mobile

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QIK est un service qui vous permettra de streamer en direct une vidéo, ou un son, que vous êtes en train de shooter avec votre téléphone mobile. Un service idéal pour faire partager vos évènement avec tout le monde.

Video Sarkozy face à Pulvar - Dailymotion

taratata, au bal des hypocrites, sarko valse et les etrangers se font expulser


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fastest ipod video converter

Video at Improv Everywhere

ca vaut pas les flashmobs parisiens !!

YouTube - IMFonts : Mais que font les polices?

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Video et son réalisés par Peyo ( ) sur le crew IMF, pour le vernissage de l'exposition au Glaz'art, porte de la Villette


filmer a 360°

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ahaha kruty il sait le faire et pour pas un rond !!!

Intimate Controllers

'Intimate Controllers' is a platform where video games are played by couples touching each other.

YouTube - Jill Scott "Hate On Me"

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bouhaaaaaaaaaa ca swingue !!!! a ecouter le matin ca donne la peche