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29 December 2005 16:45


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Steadman are 5 British lads called Simon, Russell, Dave, James and Chris and we’ve been away for a while. In the 5 years that we’ve been together we have played all over the UK and the US and a place called Kloften in Denmark. Maybe you saw us at a show; maybe you have our albums Revive and/or Loser Friendly or maybe you just stumbled over here from somewhere else. What ever the case may be we would like to welcome you to our site. At launch there are around 130 available downloads and more are on the way. We have video content, forums, photos and more. We decided to give so much away simply because we’d rather our music was out there being listened to than not. New songs will be made available soon. Make some room on your hard drive, tell you friends and neighbours.

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