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February 2010

BBC News - Microsoft to patch 17-year-old computer bug

A 17-year-old bug in Windows will be patched by Microsoft in its latest security update.

July 2008

Microsoft warns Web site owners to prep for IE 8

Although Beta 2 of Internet Explorer (IE) 8 isn’t due out until some time in August, Microsoft is cautioning Web site owners now that they need to be prepping now for possible problems the new, more standards-compliant browser may cause. As part of this week’s IE June Security Update for IE8 Beta 1, Microsoft introduced a new tag, “IE EmulateIE7″ — which it is counting on to head off some of the incompatibilities the company is anticipating could occur, based on feedback it received from IE 8 Beta 1 testers. Bon courage à tous les développeurs web !

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