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March 2009

InfoQ: Tim Bray on the Future of the Web

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Tim Bray talks about why he is not convinced with the buzz surrounding Rich Internet Applications and shares his ideas on Cloud Computing. He also expresses his opinion regarding the debate REST vs. WS-* and the future directions web technologies will be taking.

January 2009

10 Most Bizarre Programming Languages Ever Created - NETTUTS

If what I've described sounds familiar to your, then this article will provide comfort and humor. Esoteric programming languages don't really serve any purpose other than providing a bit of fun or proving a proof of concept. But boy, do they provide a chuckle for the rest of us!

October 2008

March 2008

API SMS Orange : Comment envoyer et recevoir des SMS depuis une application tierce - Blog de Geeek, le blog geek par excellence par Ludovic Toinel ...

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L'API SMS d'Orange est un service récent qui vous permet d'envoyer et de recevoir des SMS depuis une application tierce. Cette API est constituée d'un service REST très simple d'utilisation.

April 2007

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