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January 2009

10 Most Bizarre Programming Languages Ever Created - NETTUTS

If what I've described sounds familiar to your, then this article will provide comfort and humor. Esoteric programming languages don't really serve any purpose other than providing a bit of fun or proving a proof of concept. But boy, do they provide a chuckle for the rest of us!

November 2007

DigiBarn Posters: Mother Tongues of Computer Languages

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This is a poster gives us a peek at the strongest branches of computer languages. This appeared in Wired Magazine and you can find a more exhaustive compilation at The Language List at the University of Freiburg. Sources for this chart include: Paul Boutin and Bret Hailpern at IBM Research and Todd Proebsting at Microsoft, The Retrocomputing Museum, and Gio Wiederhold at Stanford University.

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