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symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog | The symfony 1.1 architecture

Before we release symfony 1.1 later this week, I want to give some information about the new symfony 1.1 architecture. Apart from the new exiting features we have in symfony 1.1, this version also represents a year of hard work to refactor the internals. Let's dig into symfony internals a bit!

symfony Web PHP Framework » Blog |How to create an optimized version of your website for the iPhone in symfony 1.1

symfony 1.1 introduces native support for different formats and mime-types. This means that the same model and controller can have different templates based on the requested format. The default format is still HTML but symfony supports several other formats out of the box as defined in the factories.yml file

in_array is quite slow

So, we had a cron job hanging for hours. No idea why. So, I started debugging. It all came down to a call to in_array().

PEAR :: Package :: System_Daemon

System_Daemon is a PHP class that allows developers to create their own daemon applications on Linux systems. The class is focussed entirely on creating spawning standalone daemons, and for example includes: 1. Methods to generate OS-specific startup-files (init.d) (currently only Debian/Ubuntu are supported), so that your application gets started on reboot as well. 2. Methods for logging purposes 3. Simple syntax 4. Support for PEAR's Log package 5. Can run with or without PEAR (PEAR adds more elegance & functionality) 6. Default signal handlers, but optionally reroute signals to your own handlers. 7. Log levels comply with PEAR_LOG_ levels but are called SYSTEM_DAEMON_LOG_ for (in)dependency reasons 8. Set options like max RAM usage Une alternative à

Is symfony 1.1 too verbose?

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Among the remarks have about symfony 1.1, the most recurring one is the shift of philosophy between the 1.0 and 1.1 syntax. If symfony 1.0 syntax was made to write code fast, I believe it is not the case anymore with symfony 1.1, which is designed primarily for extensibility. The result is that a symfony 1.1 application looks a lot more like a Java program. I tend to agree that Object-Orientation is a good thing because it forces you to organize your code in a modular way. But when object-orientation makes you need to keep a symfony book aside at all times and multiply the number of LOC by two, I think it's a dead end.

Redo The Web » Application Lego: Build a Wiki with Symfony in 20 Minutes

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This tutorial shows how fast you can develop with symfony. It showcases symfony's admin generator capabilities, and makes great use of a couple of symfony plugins.

ExtPHP: An ExtJS Converter/Wrapper for PHP Developers

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t is something that I had to think about in my day job, because my team is migrating to PHP for web development and I believe that we simply do not have enough time for them to learn JavaScript’s intricacies, I needed to be the one person who would have to wrestle JavaScript when problems happened. I therefore needed a way to insulate them from the gory details, which is why I created ExtPHP. As you may have guessed from subtle hints, such as this entry’s 12-feet tall header, ExtPHP creates a PHP wrapper for ExtJS


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phpUnderControl is an addon application for the continuous integration tool CruiseControl, which integrates some of the best PHP development tools. This project aims to make your first steps with CruiseControl and PHP as easy as possible. Therefore phpUnderControl comes with a command line tool that performs all modifications to an existing CruiseControl installation.

Astuce PHP : La fonction register_shutdown_function - Blog de Geeek, le blog geek par excellence par Ludovic Toinel ...

Rares sont les personnes qui connaissent la fonction register_shutdown_function, et pourtant, elle est très utile. Elle permet de réaliser des traitements hors transaction HTTP.


Krumo: Version 2.0 of print_r(); and var_dump();

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To put it simply, Krumo is a replacement for print_r() and var_dump(). By definition Krumo is a debugging tool (PHP4/PHP5), which displays structured information about any PHP variable.


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phputf8 - Tools for working with UTF-8 in PHP

Benchmarking magic | GarfieldTech

The day is nearly upon us! Drupal 7 will open up developers to PHP 5 functionality when it is released next year. Already, there is talk of how, and if, to leverage PHP 5's object handling now that we don't need to deal with the weirdness of PHP 4's object model. Of course, because it's Drupal, our army of performance czars want to know just what the cost is for object handling, and especially advanced object magic like __get(), __call(), the ArrayAccess interface, and so forth.

01net. - Forum PHP : place aux applications métier

PHP 5 propose désormais une alternative crédible à .NET et J2EE. Les entreprises qui l'utilisent, en parallèle de technologies concurrentes, apprécient sa simplicité et sa souplesse. L'apparition d'outils de développement favorise l'adoption du langage pour des projets critiques.

PHP: Fonctions Informix (PDO_INFORMIX) - Manual

PDO_INFORMIX est un pilote qui implémente l'interface de PHP Data Objects (PDO) pour autoriser l'accès à PHP aux bases de données Informix.

Interopérabilité .NET - PHP5 - Quand David rencontre Goliath en toute amitié :) -

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Alors que tout semble laisser croire que nous sommes dans l'année de la montée en puissance du .NET, il n'en reste pas moins que de nombreuses sociétés et de nombreux projets sont et se construisent dans des technologies autres telles que le PHP. Tentons ainsi de mieux comprendre, au travers de cet article, les méthodologies de communication entre ces deux mondes.

symfony PHP5 framework » Chapter 17 - Extending Symfony

You will probably need to reuse a piece of code that you developed for one of your symfony applications. If you can package this piece of code into a single class, no problem: Drop the class in one of the lib/ folders of another application and the autoloader will take care of the rest. But if the code is spread across more than one file, such as a complete new theme for the administration generator or a combination of JavaScript files and helpers to automate your favorite visual effect, just copying the files is not the best solution


ImprovedSource - PHP v5.2 vs PHP v5.1

PHP 5.2.0 wins out on 3 out of 10 test. Particularly the reading of GLOBALS is faster. PHP 5.1.6 wins on 6 test though.

symfony PHP5 framework » JavaScript helpers

Interactions on the client side, complex visual effects or asynchronous communication are common in web 2.0 applications. All that require JavaScript, but coding it by hand is often cumbersome and long to debug. Fortunately, symfony automates many of the common uses of JavaScript in the templates.