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June 2008

Tools | MySQL Performance Blog

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This page contains links to various tools we found helpful to use in practice. Some tools are written by us, others by third parties, yet another ones may be shipped with your operating system you just need to find they are there.

March 2008

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

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High Performance Web Sites: The Importance of Front-End Performance In 2004, I started the Exceptional Performance group at Yahoo!. We're a small team chartered to measure and improve the performance of Yahoo!'s products. Having worked as a back-end engineer most of my career, I approached this as I would a code optimization project - I profiled web performance to identify where there was the greatest opportunity for improvement. Since our goal is to improve the end-user experience, I measured response times in a browser over various bandwidth speeds. What I saw is illustrated in the following chart showing HTTP traffic for

July 2007

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