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11 August 2005 04:00

11 August 2005 03:30

Just 平生一笑

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blog,有不少Movable Type的插件和使用技巧,也有简体中文语言包发布

Localization: Traditional Chinese Archives

MT中文化套件 好像只有繁体的

Learning Movable Type: Tutorials and Tips for Beginners

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11 August 2005 03:15

What Do I Know

Movable Type个人图书馆 :

结合Spotlight Sites的MT

Not A Dollarshort

Movable Type 月历

The Morning News

by 4 others
Movable Type 新闻发部站

photojunkie magazine

Movable Type 相册

Movable Type 相册

Log of Links

Movable Type 书签收集网站

Dive Into Accessibility

by 4 others
Movable Type 电子书

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