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April 2008


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SWF Tools is a collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities written by Rainer Böhme and Matthias Kramm. It is released under the GPL.

swffit - Smart Flash Resize Script

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swffit (formerly know as FitFlash) is a smart script that resizes your flash movie automatically if your browser window size is smaller or greater than your flash minimum desired size keeping it accessible independent of screen resolution.

SWFObject_2_0_documentation - swfobject - Google Code

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SWFObject_2_0_documentation   Embedding Adobe Flash Player content using SWFObject 2.0

June 2007

Asual » SWFAddress

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SWFAddress is a small script that sits on top of SWFObject and provides deep linking for Flash websites and applications. In other words it enables the Back, Forward and Reload buttons of the browser and creates unique URLs with page titles that can be sent over email or IM. SWFAddress uses the ExternalInterface functionality introduced in Flash Player 8 and comes with a technique that enables search engine indexing for deep Flash links.

October 2006

vnc2swf - Screen Recorder

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Vnc2swf is a cross-platform screen recording tool for ShockWave Flash (swf) format.


Pyvnc2swf is a cross-platform screen recording tool. It captures screen motion through VNC protocol and generates a Shockwave Flash (SWF) movie. Pyvnc2swf suite comes with three Python programs:

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