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Safari Developer FAQ

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14. How do I debug JavaScript in Safari? Safari's "Debug" menu allows you to turn on the logging of JavaScript errors. To display the debug menu in Mac OS X, open a Terminal window and type:

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1


Marketcircle: iPhoney

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Looking for a way to see how your web creations will look on iPhone? Look no further. iPhoney gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment—powered by Safari—that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It's the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone development. And it's free.

John’s Blog » Blog Archive » A Picture’s Worth 100M Users???

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This world view that Steve [Job] gave a glimpse into betrays their thinking: it’s out-of-date, corporate-controlled, duopoly-oriented, not-the-web thinking. And it’s not good for the web. Which is sort of moot, I think, because I don’t think this 2 party world will really come to be.


Safari Enhancer

Safari Enhancer current has the following features:

  • Enabling the Debug Menu
  • Removing underlines from hyperlinks
  • Increasing the font size in the bookmarks sidebar
  • Disabling Safari’s web content cache
  • Forcing the download of all PDF files
  • Changing the colour of hyperlinks
  • Switching between the Brushed, Aqua and Unified Title/Toolbar application appearances
  • Disabling the website icon cache
  • Importing bookmarks from the Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Omniweb and iCab browsers
  • Adding of a “New Tab” button to the Safari toolbar
  • Configuring of the history retention settings Safari uses
  • Changing the search engine used in the Safari toolbar
  • Choosing whether background imagery is printed
  • Choosing whether to display complete URLs in Safari tooltips for links
  • Changing what browser Safari identifies itself to websites as

Safari Tidy plugin

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Puisqu'il n'est pas à jour dans FireFox 2...

neurofuzzy » Safari and PHP, File Uploads Solved!

problème upload fichier sous Safari : $_FILES vide si on masque en CSS le formulaire avant envoi, par exemple pous afficher une barre de progression d'upload..... !! grmbl... :(

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