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The most ATTRACTIVE curtains ever made » Yanko Design

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Curtain designer Florian Kräutli has bravely dragged the Window Treatment Industry into the 19th Century by incorporating magnet technology into every panel. Embedding hundreds of evenly dispersed tiny magnets into a grid of prefab folds allows for the easy manipulation of the silhouette or strategically modifying exposure for light and/or privacy.

Ces femmes qui révolutionnent le design - L'Express


Ces femmes qui révolutionnent le design Dossier réalisé par marion vignal Indépendantes et fières de l'être, architectes, designers ou les deux à la fois, elles sont les nouvelles stars de la scène internationa



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dreamed objects

Charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously with a single power cord | The Chargepod

Il faudrait que je compte combien de dizaines de câble il y a sur le bureau...

The Chargepod® charges six gadgets [simultaneously] with a single power cord

Idea generator

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Idea generator. What are you going to design next ?

Link mugs save you a trip, a spill, and your dignity

Ils devraient également le faire pour les gobelets de bière.

Lee Broom's Neo Neon collection

Néon rose sur jolis fauteuils

Water Me When I Tilt

Quand le vase se penche, il faut le remplir.

Ding 3000's S-XL Cake will hook you up, or not

Rigolo moule à gâteau avec parts de différentes tailles.

"Louis XXI" :: Francesco Cappuccio -

The jury record was :: "a piece of furniture with a strong ironic connection to classicism in which an image with references to modern art is inserted and an original and functional solution is added"

swissmiss: ICFF Highlight #1: Roller Buggy

A multi functional baby carriage transformable into a scooter.

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