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Google Analytics Plugins, Hacks and Tips Collection | FutureNow's GrokDotCom / Marketing Optimization Blog

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Google Analytics provides some great information about what is happening on your website. But what if you want to take it to the next level? Thanks to the many smart people who have created these wonderful hacks and plugins to get you some powerful additions to Google Analytics. Please note most of these need the truly awesome GreaseMonkey FireFox extension.

ExaBlog » Blog Archive » Journée sans Google !


Journée sans Google ! Cette phrase vous fait déjà transpirer, vous vous sentez déjà en manque à l’idée d’abandonner le big G ? Allons, essayez donc ! Le blog AltSearchEngines lance cette initiative visant à faire découvrir les moteurs alternatifs

Advanced Web Metrics by Brian Clifton » Blog Archive » Tracking links to direct downloads - Automatically

Following on from my previous post Tracking banners and other outgoing links automatically, this GA hack allows you to track downloads automatically. As you may know, tracking download files such as PDF, EXE, DOC and XLS can be achieved quite easily with the modification of the link to include an urchinTracker call to log a virtual pageview. However, as for tracking outgoing links, manually modifying each download link becomes inefficient when there are large numbers of ever changing files to track. You can overcome this by applying the JavaScript code below:


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Aaaaah enfin on va comprendre quelquechose à Analytics !