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Scroll Down Animation Mail | AWARDS 2006 | 777interactive

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Idée géniale !

A scroll down animation HTML mail sent by the consumer finance company. It sent across a message, “don’t over look your capacity” in the form of a scroll down animation mail which succeeded in creating a buzz effect due to the interactive and innovative type of mail. It succeeded in work of mouth and created buzz.


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carte de voeux 2007 par Etienne Mineur


Zune Arts

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à voir : gotan project et tokyo plastic, et plein d'autres


FACE: Faruk's Animated CSS Enhancements - KuraFire Network

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For the longest time, the Web has existed as a static medium, where only animated GIFs and, later on, Flash added some life to pages. With the advent of web standards and DOM scripting, people have started to look more and more at Javascript to add interactivity to websites. With FACE, a new technology by Tim Hofman and myself, this process has been made so simple that anyone can make their websites come to life, without having to know a whiff of Javascript.

Méchant Choco

Attention chocolat méchant

Kiteh !

Claymation Hello Kitty kicks videogame monster's ass Dan sez, "Animator Saiman Chow created this wild claymated Hello Kitty vs Video Game Robot film for the 30th anniversary Hello Kitty Exhibtion held in Hong Kong. Needless to say, the Kitty kicks ass."

dj !

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au lieu d'aller au marché :)

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