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BBC - My Web My Way - Home


This site provides accessibility help, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability.

WAVE Dreamweaver Extension

Extension accessibilité pour ceux qui utilisent Dreamweaver.


Sift a Page! - siteSifter Journal -

Want to test siteSifter — for free? Just enter the address you want to sift in the form below, select either WCAG 1.0 or WCAG 2.0, and one page will be tested to level “AAA” of the baseline. The report will be returned to you, right here in your browser, as soon as the test is complete.


WebAIM: Projects - Screen Reader Survey

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By completing this survey you will help inform development choices for those creating accessible web content. All screen reader users (even those that use screen readers only for evaluation and testing) are invited to participate.

Vischeck: Home

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Vischeck simulates colorblind vision. Daltonize corrects images for colorblind viewers.

Comparison of WCAG 1.0 Checkpoints to WCAG 2.0, in Numerical Order

This page shows how the WCAG 1.0 checkpoints relate to the WCAG 2.0 Proposed Recommendation published 03 November 2008.

A List Apart: Articles: This is How the Web Gets Regulated

The only effective method of increasing the quantity of captioning is actually on the horizon. That method is to bring the force of law to bear to actually require it. Nothing else has worked.

Time based captioning with YouTube's JavaScript API

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YouTube captioner This is an example how you can use the YouTube JavaScript API to create a captioning interface for YouTube Videos. Start playing the video below and hit the pause button - you will get a form field with the timestamp each time you stop the video. When you hit the "get transcript" button the PHP script on the server will assemble a JSON object of the entered data. Check the accompanying blog post Video captioning made easy with the YouTube JavaScript API for more information.

Web Access Centre Blog :: RNIB Surf Right Toolbar - beta version available

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Surf Right Toolbar is designed to make adjusting certain options within Internet Explorer quicker and easier, using either the mouse or keyboard. Developed by RNIB and the Web Accessibility Tools Consortium (WAT-C) the Accessibility Toolbar is a free download and currently in beta version.

Accessible News Slider: A jQuery Plugin

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Accessible News Slider is a JavaScript plugin built for the jQuery library. It meets the accessibility requirements as outlined by WCAG 1.0.

alphaWorks : aDesigner : Overview

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aDesigner is a disability simulator that helps designers ensure that their content and applications are accessible and usable by the visually impaired.

Accessibility Tips

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accessibility tips a collection of tips, guidance, advice and practical suggestions in developing accessible websites