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October 2022

Lausanne Eau Solidaire

Une initiative pour soutenir l'accès à l'eau en Mauritanie, soutenue par la ville de Lausanne, en Suisse.

September 2022

The true fate of Easter Island

A lot has been written about Easter Island, but most of what we know has been proven false.

The best flower deliver sites in Canada

Reviews of the main flower delivery websites in Canada, ranked by various factors

August 2022

The german florist consortium

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping florists in Germany

July 2022

The European Florists Consortium

Helping florists far and wide throughout the European Union, the EFC promotes the profession of florist and helps artisans reach their goals in today's world

June 2022

How to become a florist

Complete course on how to master the art of being a florist - the French way!

May 2022

Fontaine de Flore

Bienvenue chez le fleuriste, "A la fontaine de Flore", basé à Limoges en France

Vrac Boulevard - section fleurs

Les meilleures affaires en termes de livraison de fleurs, partout en Suisse

March 2022

The best florists in France

by 1 other
Which company should you choose to send flowers to France? Consult our test to find out!

December 2021

The Horst Limbaugh Show

Last show from Horst Limbaugh live from Office Box