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May 2008

gnizr - Google Code

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gnizr™ (gə-nīzər) is an open source application for social bookmarking and web mashup. It is easy to use gnizr to create a personalized portal for a group of friends and colleagues to store, classify and share information, and to mash-it-up with information about location. It's free.

August 2007

July 2007

Wakoopa - Software gone social

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Wakoopa tracks what kind of software or games you use, and lets you create your own software profile. Ready for you to share with the world. Why? Because what you use on your desktop is who you are!

May 2007

Free Music Downloads - Music Promotion - We7

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Music downloads: free, safe, legal and artists get paid! We7 is all set to create a new free music downloads community. And, if you love music downloads, you need to be part of it! Over the coming months, with your involvement, you will see We7 become one of the most significant music download destinations. With We7, your favourite tracks from your favourite artists will eventually be yours to download free, safe and legally. You'll get the chance to review the best new music and the latest new bands as a We7 TasteMaker. With no DRM you'll be able to play your music downloads when and how you like - and even share them (legally) with your friends. Plus being a member of We7 will be completely free. The way you download music and video is about to change forever. So join the music downloads revolution today!

September 2006

AMD LIVE! Media Vault - Free Online Storage - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Access

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AMD LIVE! Media Vault gives you a private and secure place to upload, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files. * Store files securely on the web. Get 25 GBs of FREE online storage. * Access your files from any web browser. * Share all your files quickly and easily, without file size restrictions. * Host videos, audio, images, and more on the web. * Backup your files and data safely and reliably.

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