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mojombo's erlectricity at master - GitHub

Erlectricity allows a Ruby program to receive and respond to Erlang messages sent over the Erlang binary protocol.

Ruby / EventMachine - Trac

EventMachine is a library for Ruby, C , and Java programs. It provides event-driven I/O using the Reactor pattern. EventMachine is designed to simultaneously meet two key needs: * Extremely high scalability, performance and stability for the most demanding production environments; and * An API that eliminates the complexities of high-performance threaded network programming, allowing engineers to concentrate on their application logic. This unique combination makes EventMachine a premier choice for designers of critical networked applications, including web servers and proxies, email and IM production systems, authentication/authorization processors, and many more.

dramatis - Dramatis - Dramatis

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Dramatis - An actor library for Ruby and Python


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Revactor is an application framework for Ruby which uses the Actor model to simplify the creation of high-performance network services.

November 2008


Network programming for a concurrent world

Dive into Erlang

A Rubyist dabbles in today's most exciting programming language

August 2008

AWS::S3 - Ruby Library for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

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A Ruby Library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's (S3) REST API.

July 2008

RubyForge: Erlectricity: Information sur le projet

Erlectricity exposes Ruby to Erlang and vice versa. It provides a messaging API similar to Erlang's for writing your ruby scripts that interact with erlang

Using RMagick with Flickr

This tutorial will show some of the basic features of the rflickr library, including: 1. authorizing your application with Flickr 2. getting a list of image urls from one of your own photo sets. 3. getting a list of image urls returned from a search of other peoples photo sets.

January 2008

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