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Pimki Home Page

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Pimki is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) loosely based on Instiki's Wiki technology. This is the place to dump your brain, organise your thoughts and Get Things Done. The ease of use and immediacy of a wiki combined with extended view to slice and dice the data give you a unique power to store, manage and retrieve all loose bit of information in your life. There are a lot of features added over a regular Wiki, features that only make sense when you view it as a personal application and not so much as a group oriented application. See below for a full list of goodies.



Merb | Looking for a better framework?

Like Ruby on Rails, Merb is an MVC framework. Unlike Rails, Merb is ORM-agnostic, JavaScript library agnostic, and template language agnostic, preferring plugins that add in support for a particular feature rather than trying to produce a monolithic library with everything in the core.

Rails Machine: Ruby on Rails hosting, services and commercial support: Home

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Rails Machine provides software, services and support for commercial Ruby on Rails application deployments.

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