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Service OpenID d'Orange

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Bienvenue sur le service OpenID d'Orange

August 2007

Jyte: Spread the Cred

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Yes, anything. If you have something to say, then make a claim and let the community vote on it. Make claims about yourself, friends, and family. Put your stake in the ground and see where the votes go!

Useless Account

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Today's web is crazy. Open ID is a pipe dream. Every direction you turn you're forced to create yet another account. Most of the time it's for one of those throw-away web startups created 10 times a day, but occasionaly it's worth the effort. It might be to purchase some fancy threads, order a pizza or see how fat the Cool Kids from high school have become. When it's that important, you can't afford to drop the ball. With a useless account you can practice without fear. So when it comes to the crunch, you're ready!

MicroID - Small Decentralized Verifiable Identity

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MicroID is a lightweight identity layer for the web, invented by Jeremie Miller (creator of Jabber). MicroID enables anyone to claim verifiable ownership over content hosted anywhere on the web (social networking sites, discussion forums, blogs, etc.). MicroID is not an authentication or single-sign-on service, just a straightforward method for identifying content ownership that complements existing technologies such as OpenID and microformats. The technology is radically simple and enables developers to build new and unique meta services with minimal effort. It's already being used by the likes of ClaimID,, Ma.gnolia, Wikitravel, and Yedda. So join in the fun! - Manage your online identity

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claimID is the free, easy way to manage your online identity with OpenID.

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