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January 2008

November 2007

Safari Microformats plugin

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Import microformat hCards into AddressBook and hCalendars into iCal using this Safari plug-in.

April 2007

Mike’s Musings » Operator User Scripts

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To use these user scripts with Operator 0.7, you must download them and then use Options->User Scripts to add them to Operator. After adding them, restart the browser.

February 2007

Tails Export | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

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An extension for Showing and Exporting Microformats. Currently it supports the following formats: * hCard [export to .vcf file] * hCalendar [export to .ics file] * hReview * xFolk * Rel-license

hResume Creator

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This form is used to convert resume data into HTML code that you can copy-n-paste into a web page you have control over. Your resume data will be marked up using the hResume Microformat standard that is common to many resumes published today on the Web. In addition to the highly detailed resume input form below, you can also perform update notification pings to any number of hResume Ping services whenever you have modified the web page where your hResume data exists. Simply fill in the form and click on the 'Create hResume' button at the bottom of the form. Then take the generated hResume HTML code and copy-n-paste it to an existing web page. Once the hResume data is available on your existing web page, insert the URL for that page into the ping form which notifies the hResume Ping services that your resume has been updated and is available.

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Operator

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Today Mozilla Labs is releasing Operator, a microformat detection extension developed by Michael Kaply at IBM. Operator demonstrates the usefulness of semantic information on the Web, in real world scenarios.

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