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Prevayler :: The Open Source Prevalence Layer

Prevayler is an object persistence library for Java. It is an implementation of the System Prevalence architectural style, in which data is kept hot in memory with changes journaled for system recovery.

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

The Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers contains everything you need to build Java and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications. Considered by many to be the best Java development tool available, the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers provides superior Java editing with incremental compilation, Java EE 5 support, a graphical HTML/JSP/JSF editor, database management tools, and support for most popular application servers.


Open Source Native XML Database

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eXist is an Open Source native XML database featuring efficient, index-based XQuery processing, automatic indexing, extensions for full-text search, XUpdate support, XQuery update extensions and tight integration with existing XML development tools. The database implements the current XQuery 1.0 working drafts, with exception of the schema import and schema validation features defined as optional in the XQuery specification.