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May 2007

Ad Slicer for MySpace –

Removes all the ads, and the space they leave behind. Tired of all the annoying ads on MySpace? Need one simple script to remove them all? Then the Ad Slicer for MySpace is the solution you've been looking for. Not only does it remove the ads, but it removes the space the ads leave behind, reclaiming all that juicy screen "realestate"! And, it works everywhere, not just the top bar!

Gmail Spam-count Hide –

Never see how much spam you have, since you don't care about it anyways :)

Apple Trailer Download –

Download the full movie trailers from with this userscript.

March 2007

BlogmarksInGoogle –

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BlogmarksInGoogle :add search into Google. This script adds to the Google results page last marks wich have tags similar to the terms searched in Google.

August 2006

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