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cogen - Crossplatform asynchronous network oriented python framework based on python 2.5 enhanced generators. - Google Project Hosting

cogen is a crossplatform library for network oriented, coroutine based programming using the enhanced generators from python 2.5. The project aims to provide a simple straightforward programming model similar to threads but without all the problems and costs.

Google: Behind the Screen (IJsbrand van Veelen VPRO 2006)

This 50 minutes documentary gives an in-depth look in the world of Google and search.




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nouveau moteur de recherche google

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS

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Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks

osmos - Google Code

Osmos provides on-disk ordered key-value tables for Erlang, based on a sort-merge machine with user-defined merging semantics. This allows a very high volume of updates to be handled efficiently while still supporting a variety of useful operations with transactional safety, e.g., adding to a counter, taking the union of sets, or simply replacing a record. Osmos is ideal for situations where updates are much more frequent than queries, for example, collecting statistics for reporting, and periodically generating reports.

scalaris - Google Code

Scalaris is a scalable, transactional, distributed key-value store. It can be used for building scalable Web 2.0 services.

plists - Google Code

plists is a drop-in replacement for the Erlang module lists, making most list operations parallel. It can operate on each element in parallel, for IO-bound operations, on sublists in parallel, for taking advantage of multi-core machines with CPU-bound operations, and across erlang nodes, for parallizing inside a cluster. It handles errors and node failures. It can be configured, tuned, and tweaked to get optimal performance while minimizing overhead.


calaboration - Google Code

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Utility to configure Google Calendar as CalDAV calendars in iCal

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

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LIFE photo archive hosted by Google


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Moteur de recherche de personne... ça fait peur!!!!

erlaws - Google Code

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Erlaws is a collection of client implementations of Amazon's WebServices offerings. Currently there are clients for S3, SQS and SDB.