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February 2010

Home - erjang - GitHub

Erjang is a virtual machine for Erlang, which runs on Java

June 2009

scalaris - Google Code

Scalaris is a scalable, transactional, distributed key-value store. It can be used for building scalable Web 2.0 services.

May 2009

mojombo's erlectricity at master - GitHub

Erlectricity allows a Ruby program to receive and respond to Erlang messages sent over the Erlang binary protocol.

March 2009

plists - Google Code

plists is a drop-in replacement for the Erlang module lists, making most list operations parallel. It can operate on each element in parallel, for IO-bound operations, on sublists in parallel, for taking advantage of multi-core machines with CPU-bound operations, and across erlang nodes, for parallizing inside a cluster. It handles errors and node failures. It can be configured, tuned, and tweaked to get optimal performance while minimizing overhead.

December 2008


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Tsung is an open-source multi-protocol distributed load testing tool

November 2008

Dive into Erlang

A Rubyist dabbles in today's most exciting programming language

October 2008

August 2008

erlaws - Google Code

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Erlaws is a collection of client implementations of Amazon's WebServices offerings. Currently there are clients for S3, SQS and SDB.

July 2008

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