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17 December 2007

26 October 2007

Geek Speak: The Web Framework Hell

Today, what does a developer do when they want to start a project from scratch? Do I go with JSF? Ruby on Rails? JRuby? Groovy on Rails? Struts 2? GWT? Flex?

25 October 2007

24 October 2007

18 October 2007

Java Community News - Groovy, JRuby, or Scala: Which JVM Language to Learn Next?

As developers desire to benefit from the conciseness and features of the multitude of languages that target the JVM, the question of which of those languages to master next comes up from time to time. Frederic Daoud points out the plusses and minuses of Groovy, JRuby, and Scala, showing a small illustrative program in each.

17 October 2007

Grails Maven Plugin - Introduction

The Grails plugin for maven is a set of goals to easily develop a Grails application using maven 2.

15 October 2007

12 October 2007

10 January 2007

Grails - Home

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Grails aims to bring the "coding by convention" paradigm to Groovy. It's an open-source web application framework that leverages the Groovy language and complements Java Web development. You can use Grails as a standalone development environment that hides all configuration details or integrate your Java business logic. Grails aims to make development as simple as possible and hence should appeal to a wide range of developers not just those from the Java community.

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