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November 2006

September 2006

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Portal for english reference dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia.

TOEFL Podcast

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You've come to the right place. With’s TOEFL® Podcast, you will improve your English by listening to native speakers talk and discuss topics similar to those that will appear on the TOEFL® or IELTS exams. You'll learn new idioms and expressions and learn to use them the way native speakers do. No more "textbook English"!

July 2005

EDUCAUSE Community Blogs

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Do you have a keen interest in emerging technologies and a spirit of adventure? Then play an active part in the EDUCAUSE Community Blog Service, a pilot project to give association members a hands-on opportunity to explore the use of blogs and to create a new, vibrant medium for professional information sharing. If you are comfortable in the blog environment and are part of an EDUCAUSE member organization, get started now by setting up your own blog. Otherwise, we invite you learn more about this new technology, browse through the blog postings, and contribute your feedback. Regardless of whether you plunge into your own blog or not, please tell us what you think of this pilot program.

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