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October 2006 - The Application Deployment Information Center

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AppDeploy serves as an independent resource on the topic of desktop management. Updated and maintained by Author, Bob Kelly and members like you. Package Knowledge Base, Windows Installer Error Database, Tools Downloads, Technology Home Pages, etc...

September 2006

Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack and Hotfixes

Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack and Hotfixes Reference.

Windows NT 4.0 Reference Material

The information presented on this web site is intended to assist those who still maintain a PC running the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation or Server) Operating System.

April 2006

HSC - Windows network services internals

Papier de recherche décrivant des aspects méconnus des services réseaux Windows : caractéristiques de la pile TCP/IP et implémentations des protocoles SMB/CIFS et MSRPC

HSC - Services réseaux des systèmes Windows (Étude de cas avec Windows 2000 et Windows XP)

Document présentant une classification des services réseaux d'un système Windows. [6 juin 2002]

HSC - Herve Schauer Consultants

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Cabinet de consultants en sécurité informatique spécialisé sur Unix, Windows, TCP/IP et Internet

March 2006


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Small is beautiful TinyApps.Org, a guide to very small software for your PC. Virtually all of the programs listed here are free of charge and for use under Windows (Palm and OS X pages also exist).

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