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March 2006

The Truth About Meta Tags and SEO

The meta description and keywords tags are often seen as some of the most basic ways to optimize. But are they so basic as to be obsolete?

October 2005

AOL Buyout in the Works?

The future of AOL hangs in the balance as Time Warner is reportedly entering talks with several major companies, including Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google.

September 2005

Microsoft Launches MSN AdCenter in France

Microsoft Corp has just launched MSN AdCenter, its much-anticipated paid search service, in France, after a six-month pilot program.

Intellext Launches MSN Toolbar Add-On

Intellext Inc. has expanded the capabilities of Microsoft’s MSN Toolbar, by adding a proactive research tool, and delivering information directly from the web to a user’s desktop.

AOL May Switch from Google to MSN

Some sources are indicating that the world’s biggest ISP, America Online, may soon be switching from offering Google Search on their site to offering MSN instead.

MSN Introduces New APIs

New applications of MSN Virtual Earth and MSN Search have been made available to internet publishers this week. - SEO Tips

Useful tips and information about how to improve your search engine rankings.

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