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December 2006

Trinh T. Minh-ha essay

Not You/Like You: Post-Colonial Women and the Interlocking Questions of Identity and Difference, by Trinh T. Minh-ha

November 2006

American Lesbian Photography - Home

"aim is to provide an overview over those lesbian photographers that took pictures of lesbians, and .. to discuss their photography in relation to the time in which they worked"

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blog by woman interested in feminism and social uses of technology, including marketing, politics and pop culture


with a social eye, she looks at a kitchen changing with a blended family, being a soccer mom, and shooting with a hidden digital camera in a strip club at the customer-woman interactions there

SF Gate: Sex trafficking from South Korea to US

During their trip to South Korea, Chronicle reporter Meredith May and staff photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice found that while the public sex industry has slowed, parts of the business has gone underground and is still alive and well. Audio/slideshow in 4 p

October 2006

September 2006

feminist blog--women's space

good consideration of international issues, well written

Film Bibliographies: Media Resources Center UCB

Good place to start research for both scholars and students, comprehensive resource collection for film studies at UC-Berkeley: Bibliographies here for many film/TV Topics,Themes, Genres, Directors; on National Cinemas; and on Individual Films/Videos; Ful

August 2006

July 2006

SAWNET: Cinema

database of Southeast Asian women filmmakers and their films


tech aspects of online personal sites: "My current work focuses on digital experiments with personal and cultural memory."

Greek Tragedy

The life of a single woman in NYC has some intimate scenes.

A Gag Reflex

fascinating search for personal identity; woman looks for identity of parents, for information about dead, addicted, con-artist mother

What She Said!

women bloggers, especially on social and political issues

June 2006

EServer: Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

large bibliography with links to many full text essays--american studies, critical legal studies, literature, marxism, media, popular culture, postcolonialism, queer, race, women's studies