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December 2006

Zoom In Online: the internet video channel providing essential info on media & entertainment

business and technology for media artists; many interesting perspectives and tech histories

November 2006

Naturesongs Digital Recordings and Photos from Nature!

insects, animals, weather, water, birds, etc. and their sounds

Lists of Bests

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again, I am fascinated by lists of bests, especially as related to literature; they comprise both an ideology of the canon and a sociology of popular tastes, a la Bourdieu; in an extended form, they comprise much of

Mojiti-video commentary software

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useful for teachers making clips to analyze in class; "personalize any video with your story. With visual spotlights, you can narrate your personal videos, add captions or subtitles, or comment on any scene."

FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

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search the web for material for your soundmixes; various file formats and sampling rates can be specified

Video History Project: Resources

information from/about practitioners and groups of videomakers; technical explanations of early video formats and equipment

Communication Studies Resources: The University of Iowa

one of the largest set of links, updated regularly, to all aspects of communication; many political themes; a wide range of disciplinary approaches included; highly recommended

Category D: A Film and Media Studies Blog: The Intro Textbook: A Comparison

an entry in a film blog that I like that compares and contrasts the Film 101 textbooks commonly used

Video History Project: Resources - Collections & Distribution Links

documents video art and community television, as it evolved in rural and urban New York State, and across the US

Word Circuits

"This is a place for poetry and fiction born to pixels rather than the page--writing that's digital down to its bones." An excellent resource with both online poetry, often Flash poetry, and other links.

Guerrilla Filmmaking 101

the nitty-gritty of no-budget filmmaking, good on deflating romantic notions often held by first-timers - Drawing lessons

another how-to site for a skill useful for film and videomakers' storyboard making

Free, Comprehensive Audio and Video Course

Television Production--A Free, Interactive Course in Studio and Field Production by Ron Whittaker, from cybercollege

Media College - Video, Audio and Multimedia Resources

reference material for all electronic media-- video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design; excellent quick guides and tutorials, on things like video streaming

October 2006

Dr. Helena Sheehan / Home Page

much material on her media and society courses, including powerpoint lectures

Lesson Plans for Digital Storytelling

this is a lesson plan that could be adapted for different ages or kinds of classes, e.g., composition or video production or narrative arts


many links for screenwriters, not well organized

BBC - Writersroom - Scriptsmart

free screenwriting formatting tool to use with Microsoft Word; I have not tried it and do not know how well it works.

September 2006

the complete idiot's [eejit's] guide to all aspects of filmmaking

clear and witty, useful for practitioners as refresher or for students, especially production teachers