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December 2006

Media Art Net | Sitemap

English site overview page of a large German site for media, art, and the Internet

November 2006

FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

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search the web for material for your soundmixes; various file formats and sampling rates can be specified

Dave Harris and Colleagues

large collection of work, lectures, course materials in media studies, leisure studies, sociology

Dr Daniel Chandler's UWA Home Page

extensive website of visual semiotician, with course outlines, online papers, and an interesting links page

Senses of Cinema

one of the best online film journals; exhaustive and regularly updated links page

October 2006

The Media and Communications Studies Site

gateway to media information, including narratology, listed under textual analysis

MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Weblog

Theoretically sophisticated and business-informed blog on Interet and media issues.

September 2006

Resource Discovery Network

excellent UK academic search tool for all disciplines. I looked up "film theory,' "feminism" and "television" and got useful results of sites I had not visited before, and some I had.

July 2006

if:book: introducing MediaCommons

new project for intellectual ejournal/blog for media studies; interesting set of comments accumulated about its feasibility

June 2006