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December 2006

New Media and Cyberculture library resouces

Library Resources for communication studies site; here, suggested keywords for searches, reference works, periodical indexes, web sites, professional associations, journals and trade publications, statistical sources. updated 2004.

Edward Tufte home site

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lots here from a major figure in information graphics; especially interesting are many entries in section, "Ask E.T."

November 2006

Pew Internet: Riding the Waves of "Web 2.0"

10/06 report from one of the major sources of information on Internet use in the United States

October 2006

graphic illustration of data about US

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I learned new search terms for visualization: infosthetics or infoviz.

Critique of Ranking and Listing; Exchange with Kenneth C. Werbin

"Our increasing emphasis on quantitative reductions, like ranking lists, at the expense of critically engaged qualitative thought, can be seen as bottom-line strategies for efficiently navigating our increasingly .. networked cybernetic order."

Pew Internet: Future of the Internet

well worth downloading and printing the 104 pp PDF document; the list of contributors alone is worth following up on; especially interesting on the inequalities and possibilities for repression

September 2006

URL Investigator

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easy way to investigate traffic on your site and others

August 2006

The Observer | Review | Websites that changed the world

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has interesting information about founding and use of favorite websites; good classroom handout

Hitwise Intelligence

company measuring Internet behavior internationally

LeeAnn Prescott - Hitwise US: Traffic More Than Doubled Since January

large internet survey; visits to up 122% from January 2006 to July 2006

July 2006

Pew Internet - Bloggers Report, July 19 '06

Most bloggers are diarists and do not consider themselves reporting on news, politics, etc.; pdf file of complete report available here

June 2006

May 2006