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December 2006

BUBL LINK: Media studies

a UK portal's link to media links portals; some entries here will be new to US academics

November 2006

Spout - We're talkin' movies

a movie search engine, blogspot, voting, good plot summaries, able to buy film

Communication Studies Resources: The University of Iowa

one of the largest set of links, updated regularly, to all aspects of communication; many political themes; a wide range of disciplinary approaches included; highly recommended

Newest Webcams

by 12 others
random live webcams from the net, a new kind of documentary media, mostly surveillance

October 2006

The Media and Communications Studies Site

gateway to media information, including narratology, listed under textual analysis

September 2006

Resource Discovery Network

excellent UK academic search tool for all disciplines. I looked up "film theory,' "feminism" and "television" and got useful results of sites I had not visited before, and some I had.

July 2006

Film Literature Index >> Home

the major database for academic film criticism now online