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November 2006

SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards

March 06; useful discursive comparison by judges of top contenders in each of many categories, which rhetorically can be used to teach students how to write about the Internet; sizeable honorable mention lists


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Portal with wide variety of categories; most useful are the evaluative and descriptive annotations for each entry, so you can see how the possible "consumer opinion," for example, sites vary. Place to find free reference tools.

Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed

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a librarian teaches you about the dark web; originally written 2001, updated Oct. 2006

Specialty Search Engines

* Answers * Computer * Domain * Financial * Government * Invisible Web * Legal * Mailing Lists * Medical * Newsgroups * Science * Shopping * Travel Search Engines • others

JEP - The Journal of Electronic Publishing

many of the past issues were on thematic concerns; ever of greater importance in academic and knowledge communities is the how-to of electronic publishing

Newest Webcams

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random live webcams from the net, a new kind of documentary media, mostly surveillance

September 2006

World Wikia - World Wikia

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new developments in wikis, an open source travel guide that users can edit. Will it rival the megasite, Lonely Planet?

May 2006

Everything Web 2.0 list, March 06

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a list of the applications available, categorized but not evaluated; lots of things to try

dmozMedia Culture

Important links page, see also their suggested additional search areas