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November 2006

NOVA | Mars | Mars Up Close | PBS

audio/slideshow of what Mars Rover discovers and sees

visual encyclopedia that documents manufacturing processes, labor conditions and environmental impacts involved in the production of contemporary products.--summative photo essays produced by students guided by faculty


a very large sociology site from the University of Amsterdam; of particular interest are a section on web sociology and one on famous sociology; site is full of both explanations and links to other full text articles

October 2006

Bruno Latour: ARTICLES

most of these works are in English and have full text version online

SOS: Searching Out Stories - Story-Lovers

exhaustive list of stories, news articles that suggest stories; my favorite: "ANIMALS, BIRDS, AMPHIBIANS, FISH and INSECTS – stories, folklore and facts"

Main Page - AcademicBlogs

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A wiki about academic blogs, with links to blogs in each academic area of study

atomic blast photos

photos of an atomic test taken at one-millionth of a second

HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!

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Check out how blogs work, how MySpace works, how DSL works, how digital cameras work; also how to buy....

Marita Sturken'sHomePage

links to full text of some of her essays, especially one on Katrina, weather media, and Homeland Security

September 2006

Intute - the best Web resources for education and research

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UK academics and researchers write entries on many topics of interest, a bit like an encyclopedia that you ask questions of.

Medical Animation and Medical Illustration

Beautiful online animation of the Life of a Cell. I want to return to the site to learn what I just saw means.

July 2006

Future Feeder

fine arts, visual software, applications

June 2006


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Top daily new stories in many health and science categories. A top news site.